What to Expect at Worship

Thinking about joining us for worship?

We know that you're curious about what happens on a Sunday at St. Peter's. We have some answers to some common questions people have, so that you can be more at ease as you look forward to attending.

Where should I sit?
Feel free to sit wherever you’d like!  If you need assistance with finding a seat or any other needs, an usher will be happy to help you.

What about my children?
Children of all ages are welcome at St. Peter.  We encourage kids and their parents to grow in faith together as they hear God’s word and sing his praises in the worship service.  Even very young chlidren can benefit from being at worship.  And, twice a month we offer a children's devotion in the service just for the young ones.

What if I need to take a child out for feeding or a break?
We provide a nursery in the lobby to meet the needs of parents with infants and very small children. It's a private room to the left, equipped with a large window that looks out to the sanctuary from the back and a speaker to hear the worship service.  It's the perfect place to slip away with a hungry infant or noisy child. 

How long is the worship service?
A typical worship service lasts about an hour.

Are you going to call attention to me as a visitor?
No.   We want you to feel welcome - and we hope you're warmly greeted by other St. Peter worshipers - but we won't single you out or put you on the spot. You won't be asked to stand up and introduce yourself. There won't be a quiz later on the names of people you met.  We're just glad when you can join us to praise God along with us!  We do enjoy it when visitors fill out the Visitor Card in the small racks on the chairs in church, so we can remember your visit.  Simply give it to an usher or to Pastor Schewe

What is the church service like?
Our service is printed out in a worship folder each week and is easy to follow.  

Our worship services are structured and can be characterized as on the traditional side.  The Lutheran church views worship is a conversation.  God speaks to us in his Word: Every Sunday, three readings from Scripture are featured. One of those readings is explained and applied in the sermon. The readings follow a regular preset schedule that makes sure that we cover all the key teachings of the Bible as well as the events of the life of Christ each and every year.  After that, we "join the conversation" by responding to what God has said in his Word.  One way we respond to what he has said is by our prayers. We also respond with our praise.  We praise God for his salvation and for preserving and blessing our lives. 

The greatest strength of Lutheran worship is that Jesus our Savior is featured prominently. 

Why does the pastor wear a robe?
The pastor has a special role and function on Sunday mornings.  He is the individual the congregation has called to serve publically by leading the service.  He teaches the Word of God and administers the sacraments of Baptism and Communion.  He has been thoroughly trained and properly installed in this position.  It reminds us that our pastor doesn’t speak on his own behalf, but instead speaks as God’s representative. His white robe also reminds us of the white robe of righteousness that Jesus won for us. 

The pastor’s garb also serves to remove distractions from the man and his appearance, and accentuate his role as a spokesman for the Lord. 

Is an offering taken at church services?
Yes, an offering is taken because the members of St. Peter have joined together to carry out the Lord’s work here in Clovis and around the world.  However, our guests need not feel obligated to participate in our weekly offering to support our ministry. 

Do I have to be a member to attend worship or other events?
Anyone is welcome to attend worship or activities as a visitor. Come as you are!  You'll find a welcoming group of friendly people. 
By grace are you have been saved, through faith - and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast. ~ Ephesians 2:8,9